Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Friday, 5 July 2019

To take me through the Web

Penned  on   Aug  09  1956


O  Saraswati,

Fair  Goddess of learning

Open my inner eyes

To behold the wonders of His creation :

The  singing sky, the roaring ocean,

And forever  twinkling stars,

To come to know

That they are but the shadow,

Of that form Divine .

Oh , you Sharda,

Who are lighter than the petals

of a lotus white :

Give me wings

To take me through the Web

Of Life and Death,

To merge into the eternal Brahman ,

Which alone IS,

And pervades the cosmos

Without being seen 


From pages of diary